Brand Stars Academy

Complete 7 step system to shine online via beautiful, authentic photos and videos!

Are YOU a visionary woman with a message to share, who is already the face of your brand . . . but would love to be the STAR of your brand?

This online course teaches you how to feel fabulous on camera, pose and present beautifully, master the details of your photo and video shoots, and be empowered to show up online in a way that lights you up and effortlessly attracts your ideal clients, while creating a visual legacy you love and making a contribution that matters.

To build a successful business, you need to be visible, especially online. The most effective way to do this is through striking imagery that tells a story. Did you know that people decide within seconds of meeting you, or seeing a photo or video of you, whether they want to do business with you or not? Compelling photos and videos that showcase you and your brand and help clients make a great first impression are essential BUT most women dread being on camera and the idea of a personal branding shoot causes them anxiety and overwhelm!

I understand if you:

  • Feel uncomfortable or disempowered on camera
  • Believe that you're just not photogenic or beautiful
  • Feel anxious or dread the outcome of your shoots
  • Don't know where to start planning for your shoots
  • Struggle to pose in photos and present well on video
  • Are frustrated by your smartphone photos and videos
  • Lack clarity about setup, lighting and audio equipment
  • Need help to hone your brand message and promise
  • Don't know how to showcase your photos and videos
  • Feel lost when it comes to your online visual branding

  • In this course, I teach you exactly how to plan and implement your dream personal branding photo and video shoots, and to share the results strategically and confidently.

    This self-study course can be your game changer!

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    What will you learn?

  • How to shine in photos, videos and on-screen
  • Best ways to feel super confident on camera
  • How to select ideal locations for your shoots
  • What to wear (and not wear) when on camera
  • How to accessorise effectively in your shoots
  • How to easily pose beautifully in your photos
  • How to present like a pro on video, every time
  • Tips to master smartphone photos and videos
  • Essential pointers for setup, lighting and audio
  • Key guidelines to clarify your brand message
  • How to leverage your photos and videos online
  • Expert tips to create a compelling visual legacy

  • In today's online world, successful personal branding requires ongoing connection through fresh visual content that features YOU. Top quality photo and video shoots are key to position your brand as premium, and there's also priceless value in learning how to master all the details of your shoots and personally direct their outcome, regardless of who photographs or films you. That's precisely what this course empowers you to do!

    The transformation lies in who you become in the process of showing up fully and sharing your message with much greater impact, while enhancing everyone’s perception of you, including your own, in turn helping you to price your products and services at the premium level that's aligned with your full value.

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    Why learn this from me?

    Hi! I'm Naomi Estment, personal branding photographer, videographer and trainer, passionate about helping women who are the face of their brand shine on camera and make it count. I'm most grateful that my website has formerly won the SA Best Photographic Blog award.

    I also co-own Outdoor Video & Photographic with my husband Dave, based near Stellenbosch in the beautiful Western Cape Winelands of South Africa. Since January 2001, we've been helping leading corporate, commercial and entrepreneurial clients power up their marketing via professional photography and videography. We're grateful that our website has also been voted SA Best Photographic Blog, as well as runner up twice.

    Believe me, I know the pain of playing small on camera. In fact, I didn't keep a single photo of myself before I turned 25, because of my severe squint, which you won't see now since I wear contact lenses and have learnt to control it as an adult. Then I met my husband, who helped me to accept my squint. He loves it, and says it makes me more human and lovable. Isn't that often the case with our flaws?

    My life has been completely transformed through photographing and filming hundreds of people since 2004. In the process of helping so many otherwise confident, successful women unleash their inner stars on camera, I've seen repeatedly how they've struggled with the same challenges. That experience led me to create this course, with a view to helping YOU shine on camera and become the star of your brand!

    What do participants say?

    This course is based on my 15+ years of pro photography and videography experience, as well as my live group workshops. See below what some participants say.


    What does this course contain?

    7 modules including 21 videos (Over 6 hours of viewing)

    Each video is intentionally crafted and presented for you by me,
    featuring pro insight, inspiration, true stories and sample shoots.

    21 downloadable PDF docs with fun, high impact exercises

    I call these treasure maps because they're specially designed to
    mine the treasure that's already within you, waiting to shine.

    BONUS visualization video to help you rock all your future shoots

    BONUS checklist to help you plan and prep like a pro for shoots

    BONUS cheatsheet with 70+ poses you can refer to any time

    BONUS checklists to make the most of your photo shoots

    BONUS checklists to make the most of your video shoots

    BONUS template to help you plan a meaningful blogging strategy

    BONUS template to help you plan your visual marketing strategy

    PLUS 5 Live Stream Recordings (Over 3 hours of viewing)
    to add further inspiration to your on-camera journey!

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    Course Curriculum

      WELCOME to this course!
    Available in days
    days after you enroll
      STEP 1: CONFIDENCE ON CAMERA - Claim your power
    Available in days
    days after you enroll
      STEP 2: CONFIDENCE ON CAMERA - Unleash your X factor
    Available in days
    days after you enroll
      STEP 3: PERSONAL BRANDING SHOOTS - Plan and prep like a pro
    Available in days
    days after you enroll
      STEP 4: PERSONAL BRANDING SHOOTS - Ace all the key details
    Available in days
    days after you enroll
      STEP 5: POSING AND PRESENTING - Pose and present like a pro
    Available in days
    days after you enroll
      STEP 6: VISUAL MARKETING MOJO - Get set up for success
    Available in days
    days after you enroll
      STEP 7: VISUAL MARKETING MOJO - Share content like a pro
    Available in days
    days after you enroll
      IT'S A WRAP
    Available in days
    days after you enroll


    MODULE 1

    Why photos and videos are so often unflattering, and what to do about it!

    How to harness the power of play and positive words, while keeping it real!

    How to go from camera shy to showing up big time in your photos and videos!


    Claim your power by learning:

    * How every one of us can shine on camera
    * How to transform the way you see yourself
    * Why photos & videos are often unflattering
    * How to snap a selfie like a pro, every time

    * The importance of play when facing a lens
    * How to harness the power of positive words
    * How to tap into your unique style on camera
    * How to keep it real & ensure the best results

    * How much camera shyness can impact you
    * What to avoid if you want to shine on camera
    * How to easily become comfortable on video
    * Secrets to achieve the next level of success


    MODULE 2

    Your fast track to soaring confidence, success and smiling on camera!

    How to forget about hiding your light because this is your time to shine!

    All about 'Brand You' and the million dollar question to help bring it home!


    Transform your life by learning:

    * How to rate your confidence on camera
    * How to lift your confidence to a new level
    * Amazing benefits you can gain from this
    * The trick to smiling beautifully on camera

    * The power of conviction on camera
    * How to relax and have fun on camera
    * How to unleash your X factor on camera
    * How to tap into confidence vs arrogance

    * How to start developing ‘Brand You’ today
    * Which million-dollar question to ask yourself
    * A powerful way to learn how others see you
    * The value of feedback and how to utilize it


    MODULE 3

    Pro tips to tap into your passion and ace your photo and video shoots!

    How to overcome any inner resistance and get ready to radiate on camera!

    How to get into the mood and maximize the impact of your message!


    Plan and prep like a pro by learning:

    * How to increase the success of your shoots
    * How to tap into your passion to style shoots
    * How to pick a photographer / videographer
    * Insider advice to plan for your dream shoots

    * How to resolve your inevitable resistance
    * Expert insight about outfits and make-up
    * Pro tips for important personal grooming
    * A pre-shoot checklist to prep for shoots

    * How to maximize your message on video
    * How to ensure the best ROI on your shoots
    * How to get into the mood for your shoots
    * A visualization process to shine on camera


    MODULE 4

    How to strike a balance between personal and professional in ideal locations!

    How to style yourself fabulous with outfits that up the wow factor in your shoots!

    How to use signature items and props that 'pop' with purpose in shoots!


    Ace all the key details by learning:

    * Key location considerations for shoots
    * How to balance personal and professional
    * Insider tips to work with the weather
    * How to apply your imagination to shoots

    * What to wear on camera, and what not to
    * How to use accessories to up the wow factor
    * How to style yourself fabulous in your shoots
    * What to do with your hair to add extra flair

    * How to use purposeful props in your shoots
    * How signature items can amplify your brand
    * How to harness the vibrant power of colour
    * A fun way to select props for your shoots


    MODULE 5

    Exactly what to do and not do to effortlessly look your best on camera!

    Your definitive guide to the best poses for you, your body and your brand!

    All you need to know to present personal branding videos like a pro!


    Rock your shoots by learning:

    * The power of posing & presenting like a pro
    * If you have a best side and how to apply it
    * Best ways to position your head and body
    * What to never do when striking a pose


    Best poses - standing, seated on a stool, on a chair and on the floor
    (including a behind-the-scenes studio shoot and 70+ sample poses!)


    * How to present an elevator pitch with impact
    * What to remember when you’re being filmed
    * Best and worst camera angles for filming you
    * The value of scripting + a practical exercise


    MODULE 6

    Eye-opening insight to help kick your visual marketing into high gear!

    Expert tips to optimize your photos and ensure irresistible profile pics!

    Insider secrets to create captivating personal branding videos!


    Get set up for success by learning:

    * What visual marketing is and why it matters
    * Key considerations for your visual marketing
    * What photos to use on your website & where
    * 10 types of videos that can boost your brand

    * How to optimize your profile pics, every time
    * Key considerations for posting photos online
    * Why watermarks matter & how to use them
    * Pro tips for tweaking your digital photos

    * How to shoot and edit captivating videos
    * Key elements of personal branding videos
    * How to add video branding & calls to action
    * Secret sauce to add magic to your videos


    MODULE 7

    How to eliminate overwhelm and establish expert status via blogs and vlogs!

    How to take better photos and videos with equipment tips or your smartphone!

    How to boost engagement with a visual legacy that you and your followers love!


    Share content like a pro by learning:

    * 4 Essential tips to raise your blogging game
    * 3 Secrets to eliminate blogging overwhelm
    * How to blog like a pro, in a meaningful way
    * Top tips to set up your YouTube channel

    * How to shoot and edit smartphone photos
    * Key pointers to shoot smartphone videos
    * Core equipment considerations for shoots
    * 4 Ways to refine your business niche

    * How to enhance your email marketing
    * How to increase your online engagement
    * Top tips to create your living visual legacy
    * How to plan & script super charged vlogs

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    This course is made for you if

    you're the face of your brand and you want to:

    * Become the radiant star of your brand

    * Feel fabulously empowered on camera

    * Express your full value and your worth

    * End any overwhelm about your shoots

    * Share your unique message effectively

    * Finally stop feeling insignificant online

    * Enhance your brand's online presence

    * Make a positive difference in the world

    Frequently Asked Questions

    When does the course start and finish?
    That's up to you! This is a self-paced online course. You decide when you start and how long you take to complete it.
    What if I'm unhappy with the course?
    We highly doubt that will happen! But if you're unsatisfied, contact us within 14 days of your purchase date and we'll give you a full refund.
    How long do I have access to the course?
    How does lifetime access sound? Once you've enrolled, you'll have unlimited access to this course across all devices you own.


    There you have it!

    Everything you need to know to help you shine on camera and boost your online presence with beautiful, authentic personal branding photos and videos!

    If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email me at [email protected].

    I'm shooting for the star in you!

    Lights, camera, action . . .

    Let's Roll!

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    Become the star of your brand!